RxFIT Open 2022 Championship

First off, congratulations! Whether you officially signed up for the 2022 RxFIT Open or not, you have completed the 3 weeks of the CrossFit Open! It’s time to celebrate and finish this year off with a bang!

Individual Team Box Winners
This Tuesday we get to find out which team at each location won the 2022 RxFit Open. This team will represent your box this Friday night! Details on that will follow below.
Can you still win? It isn’t over until the end of the day tomorrow! On Tuesday morning, myself and the managers will tally up the remaining points and proclaim the winner on Tuesday night. Then it’s time to prep for the finale! The RxFIT Open Box Battle is going down this Friday night! Check the event on Facebook and RSVP please! Click here.
I need to know how much pizza and wings I need to buy!

RxFIT Open Box Battle
It’s all been building to this final day! So let’s give you the details for what you can expect this coming Friday. This event will be held at RxFIT The Point/CrossFit The Point. Doors open at 6 PM with the workout beginning at 7 PM.

Who can come?
EVERY RXFIT MEMBER IS WELCOME. Whether you signed up for the RxFIT Open this year or not, it’s time to come and cheer on your box. The more support your box has, the more likely they will win! So come out and celebrate the end of The Open and cheer on your box mates. If you are on the winning team or are part of the backfill (I’ll explain this below), show up ready to throw down!

What is this?
This is the first chance we have to bring the whole of RxFIT together since all the additions. It is a celebration; a party. We will be providing wings and pizza for everyone! We will be sending out a little sign up sheet for everyone who elects to help out, to bring a side or a dessert to share. Come and have some fun.

What will we be doing?
First and foremost, this will be the final test to crown the 2022 Champion box. We will have 10 workouts performed by 10 partnerships. I will explain the details of these workouts below. The RxFit Open winning teams will represent each of their locations. They have earned the right to represent and now we get to cheer them on to see who will go home with the spoils.

What are the workouts?
Your team captain will help divide you into partnerships depending on where you all believe you can help your team the most. There will be 10 workouts and you will have 3 minutes with your partner to try and earn points for your box. Each partnership will be assigned to one workout and will only complete that workout.
After the 10 workouts are complete, we will tally up the scores and we will crown the Champion!

The workouts were created by your coaches… Well 6 of them were and they bear your gym’s name. Then 4 more were created by myself. The workouts will be performed back to back with a 3 minute transition period in between each. So it will essentially be 10 rounds of 3 minutes of work, 3 minute transition to next partnership/workout.

Here are the workouts.

RxFIT The Point
3 Minute Max Double Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35
One partner works while the other partner holds the front rack w/dumbbells
*Each time you switch the working partner, you must do 3 synchro burpees before proceeding

RxFIT Provo
150 Double Under Buy-in
Max Distance Handstand Walk with remaining time.
One partner working at a time

RxFIT Orem
Alternating rounds
5 Box Jump Overs 24/20
10 KB Russian Swings 70/53

RxFIT Holladay
10 Burpees
10 Alt DB Hang Snatches 50/35

Partner 1: 6 D-Balls over the shoulder 70/50
Partner 2: 12 Double Dumbbell Walking Lunges 35s/20s
Switch after both partners complete their work

RxFIT Springville
Synchro Wall Balls 20/14
Synchro Alt Hang DB Clean and Jerks 50/35 (edited) 

Remaining 4 workouts:

Ground to Overhead 95/65
*One barbell per partnership

10 Pull-ups
10 Toes 2 Bar
*switch whenever. Only one partner working at a time.

10 Synchro Air Squats
5 Synchro Burpees

10 Partner Med Ball Sit-ups 20/14
10 Synchro Reverse Lunges

What if the team doesn’t have 20 athletes?
In most cases teams are not 20 deep. We only have one team across all the gyms that meet that criteria. So, what the managers will be doing is once the winning team is announced on Tuesday night, we will gather the available athletes from the winning team first. Let’s say 12 of the team members can make it on Friday night for the final event… That means the manager will fill the remaining slots with other participants from the 2nd, 3rd or 4th place teams. Either way, each gym will have 20 athletes representing their box at this event for a total of 120 athletes competing! So even if your team doesn’t end up winning, you may be called upon to represent!

What does the winning team get?

This is all we care about right? 😛 Well besides the pride and bragging rights for the coming year, we have some awesome prizes to give out. BUT the #1 thing that I am so stoked about is the trophy! THIS THING IS EPIC! Take a look:

This beast stands at 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide! (Paint job coming) This trophy will be hung at the winning gym! It’ll hang there until it returns for the 2023 battle! It is heavy duty!

On top of this epic trophy, we have teamed up with a bunch of sponsors that will be providing protein, preworkout, Good to Go bars and other swag items to the winning team.

It has been so fun watching you all compete this year. This is the first year that we have had the opportunity to compete with such a huge community. This Friday night is going to be a blast and I hope that you all can make it in.

Doors will open at 6 PM and the workouts will begin at 7 PM. Come out and compete. Come out and cheer. Come out and eat. Just come and I have a feeling this is going to be an epic battle and a lot of fun!

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