RxFit Open Championship Recap

First of all, thank you all for joining in on the fun. This was the first year running this event with all 6 gyms and while there were some bumps in the road and some audibles taken, I feel like it went really well. Let’s recap.

Winning teams from each location

Congratulations to the winners from each of the 6 boxes. If you came Friday night, you should have received your free roller and if you didn’t, let your manager know and we’ll make sure to get you yours.

The winners from each gym were as follows:
RxFIT Holladay:
Holy Swoly Guacamole

RxFIT South Jordan:

RxFIT The Point:
Staircase To Heaven

RxFIT Orem:
Adam’s Apples

RxFIT Provo:
Real housewives of RxFIT

RxFIT Springville:
Mom Jeans and Power Cleans

RxFIT Open Championships Friday Night Lights

WHAT A SHOW! Seriously… it was so intense! I loved it. Thank you for bringing the intensity. I really loved the format, I hope you did as well. All of the representing athletes had a chance to shine with their partners for 3 minutes. I loved how everyone gathered close and cheered on their teammates. It was loud. It was crazy and after all 10 workouts were complete we ended with the crowning of the 2022 RxFITTEST.

Congratulations to RxFIT Provo! You all not only won the trophy but I would say you won the Spirit of the Games as well. The Point hasn’t been rocking like that in forever and it was so much fun having you and all the gyms screaming and counting and cheering. So much fun.

Here are the full rankings and a link below so you all can see where you stacked up in each of the 10 workouts.
1. RxFIT Provo – 930 points
2. RxFIT The Point – 920 points
3. RxFIT Orem – 870 points
4. RxFIT South Jordan – 860 points
5. RxFIT Holladay – 855 points
6. RxFIT Springville – 825 points

Check out the full results here: https://competitioncorner.net/events/6610/results#team_41033

Goals of the RxFIT Open
I was so honored to be able to be able to organize this event this year. Our goals were to bring RxFIT together and celebrate fitness. I believe we accomplished these goals. While we are all working out daily at different locations, I love that we are able to get together in these types of competitions and events.
A huge shoutout to each and every one of the captains and the managers. Organizing and motivating your teams takes commitment and work and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I am so appreciative of your help. I loved going over the numbers each week and then to finally get to meet you all in person on Friday night just made my month. Congrats to the winners and congrats to all who participated.

What’s next?
I loved this so much I think we are going to be getting together a bit more often… What that looks like is still yet to be determined but for those who have been at The Point, I’ll give you a hint… Monthly Beast Modes… 🙂 Stay tuned for more details on this.


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