RxFit Series Sunday Spotlight 2.27.2022

Good morning and welcome to my new series of weekly posts. Every week I am going to be posting about the following with these spotlights:

  • Current competition updates
  • Upcoming RxFit series competitions
  • Current pro shop products and new products

Current ongoing competitions

The RxFit Open

First things first. The Open! WOD 1 is done! Well, you have until 6 PM Monday to complete it, if you haven’t yet but for most of us it is done. I hope you all had an amazing week one. I always forget how much fun it is to compete alongside my box mates. I heard that RxFit Orem had an amazing FNL! Way to go guys.

Remember, if you are not in the RxFit Open officially, you can sign up through Monday and still get put onto a team. I will be closing registration at 6 PM Monday. Here is that RxFit Open Signup link: https://competitioncorner.net/events/rxfit-open

If you plan to compete officially and have your scores on the worldwide leaderboard, you’ll need to sign up on the Games website. If you have signed up already and want your scores to count, you must submit it before Monday at 6 PM. WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN ON THE MAINSITE, BE SURE TO MAKE CROSSFIT THE POINT AS YOUR AFFILIATE AND YOUR TEAM! That way your scores will count towards our team scores and hopefully that’ll take us to the next stage of competition! Sign up here: www.games.crossfit.com
Also, I would recommend putting myself, Daniel Adamson, or another judge who has completed the judges course as your judge. For most of us it won’t matter but if you plan to have your scores count for our CrossFit The Point team or for you individually to make it to the next stage, then make sure you put one of us as your judge. I believe we have the athletes to move onto the next stage as a team!

Earning points for your RxFit Open Team
We will be tallying points and posting them every Monday night to see where your team stands. There are a few ways you can contribute to your team:

  1. 1 Point for every time you chalk it.
  2. 3 points for completing The Open WOD.
  3. 5 points for being top 3 men or top 3 women in your box.
  4. 5 points for every time you bring a friend in to try out RxFit.

Friday Night Lights 22.2
In the year’s past with CrossFit The Point, we did weekly Friday Night Lights and this past week we elected not to do it at The Point. I missed it! So this week there will be two locations across RxFit where we will be doing a Friday Night Lights event! Any of the RxFit athletes, whether you joined the competition or not, can attend either location! RxFit The Point will be one location and RxFit Orem will be the other!
Check out these event links on Facebook and RSVP if you plan to join us! It will be ran in heats… I will try and get some pictures of those competing at The Point… I’ll see if I can’t find someone to take pictures of the action down at RxFit Orem as well. It’ll be a fun time! RxFit The Point’s FNL will begin at 6 PM while RxFit Orem’s FNL will begin at 7 PM.

RxFit The Point FNL Link
RxFit Orem FNL Link

I love these type of events because we get to watch our awesome fitness put to the test. The atmosphere is amazing and we get to see some awesome performances from our athletes. I am so excited!

Dexabody 2022 Quarter 1 Side Hustle
This is still ongoing! I just wanted to give you all an update on dates and make sure you all are still in the know. The rescan for Quarter 1 and the testing for quarter 2 will be the first week of April. The exact dates that the van will be at the different locations is as follows:
RxFit The Point: April 6th
RxFit Holladay: April 7th
RxFit Provo: April 8th
I will get the official links this next week and put them out in my update next Sunday! There is $780 in the pot for you to win so keep eating healthy and keep hitting the workouts hard! I am excited to see everyone’s results.

Upcoming Competitions
Did you know that we have created a whole new entity that is running all of these events? It’s called the RxFit Series.

I have exciting news. As a member at RxFit, you will receive a 10% discount to any event that RxFit Series puts on! This includes the following events this year:

April 22-23: Fitcon Utah – The Gauntlet
May 14: Super Meet
June 11: Fitcon Texas – Spartacus
July: Run/Bike/Swim/Row Event
August: Metcon Mania
November: Gainsgiving
December: ‘Twas The WOD Before Christmas 8

Any event that RxFit Series puts on, you can get in at a 10% discount. All you have to do is email me at [email protected] and I will give you a special code to sign up!

The next one that is coming up is The Gauntlet at Fitcon Utah! I would love to see RxFit athletes show the state what we are all about! Here’s a little video I put together this past week with some information. Let me know if you want that discount to sign up!

Check out the latest video and information on our events page here. Or you can sign up through this link! Just don’t forget to email me first to get your discount code before you sign up!

I think that is enough information for today. I love this time of year and I hope that you all do too. Our idea to create this RxFit Open was to bring excitement back into competing. I have felt since 2020, the competition scene has been strange but my goal as the director of the RxFit Series is to bring the fun back into competing and that all begins by bringing it to all of the RxFit members. We’re building something awesome and I am happy to have you all along for the ride!

Dan Adamson

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