RxFIT Series Sunday Spotlight 3.6.2022

RxFIT Open

If the final is anything like this past FNL at The Point, we are in for a treat. I loved getting together with everyone at The Point and I heard the Orem location had an amazing turnout as well. I hope you all enjoyed 22.2 and are excited and ready for 22.3! We are having FNL at the following locations this coming week. All RxFIT members are welcome to come perform or just come out and cheer!

CrossFit The Point will have their FNL starting at 6 PM. Here is the event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/316013113844844

RxFIT Orem will begin at 7 PM. See link here:

RxFIT Holladay’s FNL will begin at 5 PM. See the link here:

The CrossFit Open
If you signed up for the open on the main site, I have some bad news. There were a bunch of changes done to validation this year and it threw me off. They were auto validating all scores that had a certified judge attached to them. With this change, I didn’t realize there were 12 of you who submitted and didn’t get validated until it was too late. It is 100% my fault and I am so sorry. I am doing everything I can to see if they will allow me some flexibility but after repeated emails, I have still yet to hear from them. So if I cannot get this rectified, I will refund the $20 you paid to HQ. I know you’d rather the scores just be validated but in year’s past they have been very strict on timelines. I’m hoping since they made these changes, they will allow me to fix them but if not, I will give you your money back. Please email me if you have questions. [email protected]. Again I am so sorry. 10 years of doing this and I have never missed this deadline.

The CrossFit Competition Difference

One of the biggest things that has set CrossFit apart for me is the way people compete. While everyone wants to win, that’s not the number one thing on their mind. Most people who compete, want to see other’s succeed. You can see this in almost every CrossFit competition around.

Most of you know this about me but I have always been a fan of Iceland Annie. She is a perfect example of this. She finishes a workout and immediately begins cheering on her fellow competitors.

This is the CrossFit difference. We see it at the highest levels of competition and in the everyday moments at our boxes. This is the spirit of CrossFit and I hope to see it more and more throughout the RxFIT community.

This week, I want to encourage all of you to stick around and cheer on your fellow box mates. If you finish first, the first thing that should be on your agenda is to get up and cheer on your friends in your class. If your first notion is to clean up and start putting your equipment away, then I believe you have missed one of the key parts of what this sport and method of fitness is all about. Let’s make a conscious effort to be there and cheer on our fellow box mates.

My greatest experiences in my 10 years of owning and running a box is when someone does something for the first time and the whole class erupts with excitement for them. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to lift somebody up and encourage them. We are in this fitness journey together and the more we support one another, the more successes we will have as a community.

Can’t wait for this final week of competition. I am excited to see which teams come out on top and are chosen to compete in the grand finale in week 4 at The Point. The trophy design is almost complete and we have the following sponsors providing product for our winners:
Purple Elephant
Preworkout Pops
Good 2 Go Bars
Element 26
Bear Complex
Victory Grips
And a few more…

Coach Dan

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